Relocating Your Business to San Antonio

Well it should not come as a surprise to our readers that we believe San Antonio is a wonderful place to start and grow a business. But while we might be slightly biased, by any objective measure our metro area truly is a great place to find business success. Whether you are considering starting a business from scratch or you operate an existing business and are considering relocating it to take advantage of our business-friendly climate, we hope you’ll consider San Antonio!


Don’t take our word for it!

Here are just a few recent studies and articles highlighting the opportunities present for small businesses in San Antonio:


How-to-Start-a-Small-Retail-BusinessBiz Journal – San Antonio considered a great place to start a small business

Small business owners gave San Antonio economic climate an ‘A’ for overall small business friendliness, according to Thumbtack’s annual survey.In 2015, San Antonio scored an A- for ease of starting a business; a B- for ease of hiring; an A for regulations; an A- for health and safety regulations; an A+ for employment, labor and hiring; an A+ for tax code; an A for licensing; an A for environmental; an A+ for zoning and an A+ for training and networking programs.


San Antonio was also listed in Forbes’ Best Places for Career and Business

If you are an existing small business owner in another state, it should come as no surprise that Texas, as a state, is considered the most business friendly state in the Union. It is consistently ranked as such, and the government goes to great lengths to try and facilitate small business creation. While in many areas of the country there are endless hoops you have to jump through in order to operate a business, in our state we realize how difficult running a successful business is even under the best circumstances, and believe that the more our government does to make it even more difficult, the less businesses will be started and the less good jobs people will have.

We have spoken to many small business owners over the course of the last year, and while their experiences have ranged (along with the success of their businesses), most agreed with what John Thompson of RestorationEze said. “We choose San Antonio for a number of reasons. A growing population, a well-educated workforce, and a great business climate just to name a few. After a few years it’s been clear we made a great choice. Not only has our business thrived, but we’ve enjoyed the friendliness of the people and the natural and cultural aspects of the area, too.”

If you live in San Antonio (or are considering relocating) and are interested in starting a business, here is a great resource for you.

San Antonio Facts & Statistics

Most people know about San Antonio from US history classes and the battle of the Alamo. What most people don’t realize is that it’s the 7th most populated city in the US, with a thriving economy located in the middle of Texas, with easy access to Austin, Dallas & Houston. The greater metro area is home to about 2.4 million people and is home to a number of US armed forces facilities, including Fort Sam Houston, Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base,and Brooks City Base.


Why should you visit San Antonio?


SA_MontageSan Antonio is a wonderful place to visit, with a nice climate year round and plenty of activities no matter what your interests are. If you’re a history buff, San Antonio is home to one of the state’s best known historical events, the battle of the Alamo! Much myth surrounds the battle and it’s impact on Texas and US history, so what better way to learn about it than visit the actual site?

But for nature lovers, San Antonio is paradise. Home to Seaworld, the San Antonio Zoo, the Natural Bridge Caverns, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park, and so many more attractions to see an experience. Whether you love animals or scenic nature, everything is possible in or around our beautiful city.

And don’t forget the Riverwalk! No visit to San Antonio is complete without visiting this area of downtown. What many people don’t know is that this famous attraction was born out of tragedy. In 1921, there was massive flooding damage that killed 50 people. In response to the tragedy, city commissioners devised a plan to prevent another situation like that. As part of that plan, a flood control canal was built through town to divert water away from a nearby river. And with that, the Riverwalk was born!


Living in San Antonio!


With 4 major armed force bases, it should come as no surprise that many consider San Antonio a military city. But the reality is there are many industries that call San Antonio home. With metro GDP coming in at just under $100 billion dollars, San Antonio, along with D/FW, Houston & Austin, is a major driver for the state’s economy. The major economic sectors include:

  • military
  • health care (which includes the Southwest Texas Medical Center)
  • civil service
  • financial services
  • oil & gas
  • tourism

Another fast growing segment of the economy over the past 20 years has been manufacturing. San Antonio was recently honored to join the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership through the US Economic Development Administration. There can be no doubt that this major sector represents a huge growth opportunity for the area, with over 55,000 local jobs and counting!

Whether you’re just planning to visit or considering relocating due to a job opportunity, we hope you’ll consider San Antonio. It truly is a special place with wonderful attractions, kind people, and great weather. We’re a stone’s throw away from so many wonderful cultural centers and home to many of our own. So come see what so many others have already discovered and visit San Antonio. If you’re considering a full time move, spend a month here and really soak things in!